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Get ready to change your life!

My custom training program will motivate you to build healthy, long-term habits while simultaneously building muscle and shaping your body into the healthiest version of YOU.


We will work with whatever you have accessible to YOU! Do you have access to a full gym? great! Do you have a yoga mat and some dumbbells? I got you! Lets start where you are with what you have.


Let me help you reach your short and long term goals no matter where you are in your fitness journey.



  • Your program will be available to you through my custom Kyritchfit app. This can be accessed on your smartphone or computer. The app is extremely easy to use with simple instructional how-to videos for every exercise.


  • You’ll be able to easily check-in to each workout and follow along at the tips of your fingers.


  • You’ll have complete access to me through the app throughout your entire program. You’ll also have access to a group chat where you can share, motivate and encourage other Kyritchfit clients.

  • The ability to track all of your meals directly in the app.

  • Access to a full recipe library

  • Complete flexibility with absolutely every aspect of your program. Workouts are scheduled based on YOUR schedule, YOU chose how many workouts per week and we work with whatever equipment YOU have access to.

  • You will be able to keep track of every rep, weight, body stat, progress photo directly in the app.

  • Everything is conveniently right at the tips of your fingers!




  • Private communication with Kyla throughout your program

  • Create specific habits you want to stick to and be reminded daily

  • Recipe library

  • 1  15 minute video chat session per 8 weeks to go over your goals, progress, nutrition, whatever you want to chat about!

  • Uploading progress photos and body stats directly to app to compare throughout the weeks

  • Connect your apple watch, fit bit or garmin directly to the app.

  • And SO much more!

Let's get started:)

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