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Kyla Ritchie

Hi, I'm Kyla!

Thank you for joining me in my home on the web - I’m so happy you’re here!


Owning an online personal training business has always been a dream of mine, and I couldn’t be more excited to share my knowledge and passion for fitness with all of you through my 6 Week Challenges and Fitplan app!



  • Motivate you to be the healthiest version of yourself (key point: healthiest version of yourself – we are not all the same, nor will we be able to look like that “perfect” model we see on the internet, but we can all reach our own personal highest level of health!)

  • Inspire your each and every day to push yourself to your greatest potential

  • Teach you about healthy eating and nutrition using a flexible diet method (IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros)

  • Help you to set goals that are realistic and achievable for YOU

  • Support you through the tough, sore, and not-so-pretty days

  • Teach you the process. Results don’t happy overnight, but if you are willing to trust me as a trainer and give me 110% everyday – in the gym AND the kitchen – I believe you will achieve amazing results in no time!

My story

My personal story with fitness started growing up as a competitive gymnast. My passion for tumbling was a perfect fit when I entered the world of competitive cheerleading in high school which carried through my time in University. I loved the energy of the team, the required confidence, and the intense workouts of the routines and conditioning. Working out has always been more than just exercise for me, and this was when I started to realize my passion for fitness and community.  


While studying my BA in Criminology, I realized that, while it was very interesting, it wasn’t my true passion. After graduating from University, I truly realized my passion was fitness and working out. I spent every day at the gym and was actually offered a job on the spot from the gym manager because he could sense my passion and commitment.


After working at the gym, I completed my NASM personal training certificate, and Kritchfit was born! I have worked with hundreds of clients both male and female, and my goal is to share my knowledge and teach every client how to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the things they enjoy. This all starts with BALANCE, which I believe is the most fundamental rule to remember when building and maintaining a healthy and happy life!


I’m so excited to be able to live my passion for fitness while helping clients become more confident and truly happy in their lives. Everyone deserves to feel their absolute BEST and that is my number one mission.


So, let’s get started with changing your life and shaping you into the healthiest version of yourself!

Kyla Ritchie, Online Fitness Trainer


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Bachler of Arts Degree in Criminology from Western University

  • Body Design University Graduate

  • 1UP Nutrition Ambassador (affiliate code)

  • Retired competitive gymnast

  • Retired competitive cheerleader at Western University


My guilty pleasure?

McDonald's french fries!

Let's get personal

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