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Get ready to get healthy!

Fitplan is a fitness app that has monthly workout programs customized to your fitness level and personal goals.

If you find yourself wandering around the gym, hopping from exercise to exercise *hoping* that you might see results from the generic 8-step circuit you’ve been following, FitPlan is the perfect option for you to get strategic about your workouts so you can finally see the results you’re craving. FitPlan takes the “thinking” out of your workouts. Simply log-in, click your next workout, and sweat!

Kyla Ritchie, Fitness Trainer on FitPlan App


Step One: Download the App from iTunes or Google


Step Two: Input Your Goals


Step Three: Receive 4 Workouts Per Week
These will be split into lower and upper body focused work outs for 6-week plan. The plan accounts for 3 days which you can choose if you’d like active rest day or a total rest day.


Step Four: Sweat!
On your training days, simply log-in and select your next work out. Each exercise includes a video demonstration with proper form cues.


Step Five: Engage and See Results!

You will have the whole community (including me!) cheering you on! Let’s reach your goals together.

Let’s get healthy together! Join the Fitplan family now!

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